Cochlear implant vs hearing Aids which is better?

Earlier hearing Impairment was considered and viewed as Sin but now with the spreading of Education all around the Globe peoples view has been changed a lot. With the advancement in technology new tools and technique has been evolved for those who suffered from hearing Impairment.

Hearing Aids is the traditional and cheap tool which one can afford very easily and over the year has proven its utility over the year. Now a days many people are opting for the newly arrived Cochlear implant operation which is tricky and usually takes from 1½ to 5 hours to be done completely. After the Cochlear implant operation patient has to take at most care about it so that the machine would not get damage. Cochlear implant operation is also too costly and general people can not afford it.

So, Hearing Impaired children can opt for any of two technique if you want more information about it or if you are still confuse about it you can ask your query and doubts to Mrs.Rohini Madam(9960407436) or Mr. Vilas Sir which is free of cost or mail us at, Mr. Vilas &  Mrs.Rohini is working for last 15 years and have successfully made thorough changes in such students development.


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